We serve clients in the following categories

FOOD PROCESSING – Slip-resistant and hygienic flooring, is a crucial factor in any food production or processing area. 

Winery Flooring

Breweries – Every year Breweries in Kenya spend millions of Shillings repairing or replacing failed concrete production floors. 

Poultry Flooring for Poultry Farmer & Processors

POULTRY PROCESSING – It is especially important in the poultry industry to prevent financial loss and health contamination.

abattoir flooring for meat processing factories

ABATTOIRS & MEAT PROCESSING – The meat processing Industry

Bakery Flooring for Dry Good Processors

BAKERY & DRY GOODS – superior temperature resistance to handle the extremes of heat and cold in bakery environments. 

Seafood Flooring for Seafood Processing areas

SEAFOOD PROCESSING – A durable, slip-resistant finish which is hygienic and very long lasting is important in the Seafood Industry. 

Dairy Flooring for Dairy Processing Factories

DAIRY PRODUCTION – Temperature & Heat resistant flooring is a crucial factor for the production of diary products. 

Beverage & Bottling Factory Flooring

BEVERAGE & BOTTLING – Beverage and Bottling facilities present a unique set of challenges when it comes to flooring. 

Hospitality Flooring for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

HOSPITALITY – providing durable coatings to the hospitality industry, including Hotels, Clubs and Bars.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchen area

COMMERCIAL KITCHENS – Commercial kitchens both serve the public direct or functioning as a boutique food processing business.

Pharmaceutical Flooring for Labs & Chemical Safe Areas

PHARMACEUTICAL – Pharmaceutical and biotechnology flooring must constantly meet the highly specialised performance standards.

Health & Safety Flooring for Medical, Health & Aged Care Facilities

HEALTH & AGED CARE – As an industry, the health care industry are very dependant on long lasting, slip resistant sanitary flooring. 

RETAIL OUTLETS – Slip-resistant and hygienic flooring, is a crucial factor for many retail outlets and shopping centres. 

Education Flooring Solutions for Schools, TAFE's & Universities

EDUCATION – Educational institutions such as primary schools and universities require durable, slip resistant floors.

Automotive Showroom & Workshop Flooring Solutions

AUTOMOTIVE – Car and Truck dealer ships require pristine showrooms as a foundation for sales.